Listing Details

Listing #: 9000DM
Business Type: Real Estate Services
Business Price: $350,000
Real Estate Price: $N/A
Location: Central Iowa

Revenue -    $642,083

Cash Flow -  $135,332


 This business provides homeowners with the tools necessary to sell residential real estate without the need of a traditional realtor.  Located in Central Iowa, it is part of a network of businesses in the Midwest.  This office has assisted in the sale of over 1500 homes in the past five years and currently has more than 120 current active customers.  This business partners with other professionals to coordinate a highly technical and sophisticated set of services.                                                                                    

Interested in this business? Additional and specific information is available to qualified buyers. Please complete and return the Confidentiality Agreement and either Buyer Profile form by scanning/emailing them to or by faxing them to 515-986-0804. If you have a question or would just like to make an initial inquiry, email or call us at 515-986-6056.

"We started, owned and operated our business for many years and were ready to retire. The Business Brokers found a quality buyer. Anytime we had questions, they responded right away. We would definitely recommend them. We’re now doing many of those things we didn’t have time to do. " - R.W.

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