Selling a Business

What Goes Into a Business Sale

The optimal business deal structure is comprised of three interrelated components:

Payment form

Each of these items is critical for creating a [ ]

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What a Former Business Owner Says About Knowing When to Sell

As a previous business owner, I know from experience that selling your business is the hardest decision you will ever [ ]

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What is a Structured Sale of a Business?

A Structured Sale can be a very effective tax planning tool for the sale of a business.

In a Structured Sale, [ ]

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Broad Base Makes Businesses More Marketable

One of the lessons of the pandemic of 2020 is that a business needs two main things:

Multiple Streams of Income
Multiple [ ]

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Is a one-person business scalable?

Answer: Very difficult might capture a typical response.

For example, if you live in a relatively small community, most everyone uses [ ]

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What to Consider With Business Acquisition Loan

I’ve been in the banking and finance business for over 40 years. Over that time and then now as a [ ]

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We Have a Buyer For Your Business

I recently came across a cartoon with a business owner showing an employee a large file room and he said:

“This [ ]

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When thinking about when and how to sell your business, there are a lot of different strategies to do so.

A [ ]

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Appearance Is Important To Your Business

One thing that business owners may not think about as they make plans to sell their business is appearance, both [ ]

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