We Have a Buyer For Your Business

I recently came across a cartoon with a business owner showing an employee a large file room and he said:

“This is where we store all the letters from brokers who claim to have buyers for our business.”

Unfortunately, business owners have heard this a number of times. In most cases, it is just not true. How can a buyer be interested in buying your business, when they know little about it?

Our experience in working with buyers from across Iowa, is that they may have an interest in a certain industry or business type but until they see and learn all kinds of information about your specific business, they are truly not a buyer. They are at best, a prospect.

So the old but true phrase we’ve heard numerous times of “buyer beware” also holds true for sellers!

That’s where we as true partners come in. We only bring real interested buyers to you once they have an understanding of your business, your history, and the opportunity.

Mike Schoville


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